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One-stop-shop for personal financial services for expats

Moving and living abroad comes with its own set of financial insecurities and difficulties. Every expat will need some financial help and guidance to find his or her way in a new country. As a one-stop shop for personal financial services, Independent Expat Finance offers exactly that.

Independent Expat Services is a renowned financial services advisor, Wft-certified and specialized in independent mortgage and insurance advice for expats. “With our extensive knowledge and experience in these matters, we strive to help and guide every expat, whether you’ve lived in the Netherlands for the past ten years or have just arrived and are currently living out of boxes in your brand new apartment”, says CEO Serge Pouw. “We can assist you with any big or small question that you may have.”

The background of the expats who come to Independent Expat Services is very diverse, and so are the services of the organization. “For instance, employees of large international companies, but also people who are starting their own business after years of working as an employee,” explains Serge Pouw. “Or workers who, after a period of renting, decide that their future lies in the Netherlands and are considering the purchase of a home. The Netherlands are a relatively bureaucratic country, where red tape sometimes can delay the process considerably. On top of that, regulations change quite often, so it’s important to have up-to-date knowledge.”



‘Unburdening’ is the most important keyword in the services of Independent Expat Service. Serge: “First of all, we are a reliable intermediary for everything concerning mortgages and insurance, but we also want to be a source of information for other aspects that may come up while moving to the Netherlands. Think of tax advice, personal loans or life insurance, but also, for example, arranging connections for gas, water and electricity. Through our large network we can also introduce you to specialists we often work with.”

Apart from the knowledge and experience on offer, Independent Expat Service also wants to be distinctive with a personal and responsive approach. “With eight specialists in different fields, we are a relatively small office,” says Serge. “That makes us more flexible and approachable. Each client deals with one fixed point of contact, a sparring partner. But we all have our own specialty, so your sparring partner can always retrieve specific knowledge from within our organization if necessary. We are based in Haarlem, but we work from various locations so you can always have an advisor nearby. And we are excellently equipped for online communication, for example via an online video conference.”

Experienced expats

In addition, all staff members are fluent in English, and often speak other languages as well. “This prevents confusion or miscommunication,” says Serge. “Moreover, most of us have experience living and working abroad. For example, I myself lived in Asia for three years as an expat. So we are not only well equipped linguistically, but also well aware of differences in culture and lifestyle and of treaties between different countries. This allows us to empathize with the background and country of origin of the expat we serve.”

Living up to the organization’s name, the advice is truly independent and unbiased. “We work for you and you alone”, explains Serge Pouw. “As an independent financial service provider, we do business with many banks and lenders, but aren’t linked to any particular financial service. They often have different terms and conditions, which can sometimes be difficult to compare. One offers a better interest rate, the other better loan terms, just to name a few. We select the best options and then often present the client with several choices, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. So you can always trust us to find you the best possible deal. We will guide you throughout the entire process, giving you a service that is tailored to your needs.”

Independent Expat Finance
Dreef 48, 2012 HS Haarlem
T +31 (0)85 580 9215
www.inexpatfin.nl / info@inexpatfin.nl


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